You did it!
More than 16,000 New Zealanders said NO to GE Trees, and won.

The Ministry for Primary Industries was forced to back down on an attempt to eliminate New Zealanders GE Free Zones that have been established through years of local organising and legal action that ensures New Zealander’s ability to decide whether GE organisms can be released in their regions.

Here are some press releases celebrating this victory for local democracy.

Environmental Guidance in Forestry Standards Is Welcomed – GE Free New Zealand

Councils retain right to regulate GE trees – Soil and Health Association

More than 16,000 New Zealanders Say ‘No’ to Ge Trees – GE Free Northland

Full submission to MPI written by Gary Cranston, administrator of

Further information International campaign to STOP GE Trees

Genetically Engineered Trees: No Solution to Global Warming

Resources and information about the dangers of GE Trees – GE Free New Zealand


Supported by GE Free New Zealand, The Awareness Party and Climate Justice Aotearoa