The Proposed National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry will override any Council precautionary GE provisions placed in their plans.

This will effectively remove our existing, sensible controls that protect our communities against the potentially catastrophic release of genetically engineered trees into our environment.

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Protect the right of Regions to choose to say NO to GE-Trees

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Dear National Member of Parliament,

I am writing to you regarding the National Environment Standard for Plantation Forestry (NES-PF).  Ministry for Primary Industries received 16,000 + submissions, of these 15,500 sought the removal of clause 6.4 on the planting of GE trees and GE rootstock.

The clause, if enacted, removes the democratic process around community protections for the environment through the RMA and would make the planting of GE Trees a permitted activity if approved by the EPA.  This means that it would override any Council precautionary GE provisions placed in their plans.

The dangers of genetically modified trees on New Zealand’s ecosystems, including essential soil organisms, plants, birds and insects could be both widespread and permanent and econonmically damaging.  These effects could be detrimental to the biodiversity and trophic systems’, undermining what the RMA is designed to achieve.

I understand that the Hon. Nick Smith will be signing off the NES-PF in the near future, after discussion with his caucus colleagues.  I urge you to ensure that in light of the high number of submissions received by MPI, the clause regarding GE trees (6.4) is removed.

The decision we would like the Minister to make is to:

  1. Remove clause 6.4 from the draft NES-PF.
  1. Remove all wording referring to genetically modified trees and rootstock in the draft NES-PF in Appendix 3; Afforestation and Replanting.

Signed [Your Name Here]

Email addresses for National Party MPs;;;;;;;;;;; ian.mckelvie@parliament.govt.nzmark.mitchell@parliam;;;;;

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